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What We Do!

We specialize in secure B2C and B2B solutions on Azure.  Grow your business with our secure B2C and B2B solutions.

Governments and businesses worldwide are using Azure Active Directory B2C to provide applications to their citizens and customers with fully customizable experiences. We implement Azure Active Directory B2C allowing you to grow your business. This in turn allows you to connect to any customer who puts your brand first.

Built on Azure Active Directory, the highly secure cloud identity platform that handles billions of authentications per day, Azure Active Directory B2C offers that same scale, reliability, and availability for your customer-facing applications.

Do you sell products and services through a portal?

Do you want to allow consumers to access your site to view and update information about themselves?

There has been an increased demand for our secure B2C and B2B cloud solutions as businesses seek to grow in today’s world. Management of identity servers on-premises and being in industry compliance can be a daunting task.

B2B – IAM – We show you how to manage your Identity.  Let us show you how to grow and scale your business with the implementation of secure solutions for your corporate cloud directory.

B2C – CIAM – Protecon integrates a custom configuration of your consumers experience with all your customer facing applications.

Protecon enhances Azure AD B2C by providing ‘custom user journeys’ with fully branding ability. We customize how the users register, sign-in, edit their profile and provide a self-service option to reset their passwords

Our customized user journeys and add-ons include:

check Fully customized branded sign-up

check Registration with multi-validation

check Metrics for companies you do business with

check Managing B2C Identities Training

check Consumer lifecycle management

check Full translation of pages

check 3rd Party Email Integrations for Verification

check B2C Troubleshooting

Protecon provides a self-service solution allowing users to change their e-mail address without setting up a new account!

Contact us for information on how we can help grow your business with B2C.

Quick Services Overview

Business to Everyone Overview
Business to Consumer
Consumer Identity Migration
Azure AD Identity/B2B/B2C
Managed Services and Reporting
Business to Everyone Overview

Connect to your customers and business partners securely.

The need to secure consumer PII, your company and business partners IP and PII is an extreme need in today's world. With breaches on the rise, the impact to your businesses credibility is at stake.

Secure it with a trusted Identity and Access management solution with Azure Active Directory.

Protecon is a Gold Cloud Platform Microsoft partner with the experience to help you secure these sensitive identities and IP. We have our own benchmarks for security that expand upon industry leader in benchmarks, CIS.
We can deploy light governance for access for your B2B scenarios through our custom SSO portal. This SSO portal can also be extended for use for your customers, allowing them to access many of your brands.

Talk to use today about securing your External Identities!

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Business to Consumer

Protecon has established itself as one of the top Azure AD B2C partners.

Nothing is more important than you customers PII information and securing it with Consumer and Identity Access Management is key. But how do you switch platforms that allow you to put the same security on your consumers?
Protecon not only provides full customization of Azure Ad B2C, but we also can take your existing consumer information database and migrate it securely to Azure B2C. The kicker is hen you migrate, how do your users have a seamless experience? We have custom workflows to put in place to allow for same sign on with existing credentials, or to cross reference existing credentials in a secure database and prompt consumers to self complete their migration by resetting their password.

Let Protecon help you move off of your old consumer access platform and realize the unlimited potential that Azure AD B2C provides!


Consumer Identity Migration

Move to a Secure Consumer Identity and Access Management Solution

Are you currently on another consumer identity provider? There are many concerns abound about consumer protection of their personal data including GDPR, CCPA and a host of other countries trying to protect data and give insight into that data for the consumer.

We can provide Just-in-Time migrations of your consumer identities without the need to have them reset their password and without a lengthy time consuming process of migrating all of your consumer identities to Azure B2C and onboarding them with SSO to all of your other consumer applications.

Check out our Just-in-Time Migration process for your Consumer Identities!

*Due to current limitations with Microsoft, not all items can be migrated with ease and a manual process needs to be completed such as Microsoft Stream and Teams Chat messages. Please ask us what is feasible.
Azure AD Identity/B2B/B2C

Giving access to your partners does not need to increase risk to the business

Azure Active Directory provides the ability to use external identities as sign in identities to your tenant, without you have to manage the User Lifecycle. This allows you to assign permissions and access to external identities as if they were were own identities.

Provide access to SharePoint sites, OneDrive shares, Integrated Applications and even your selected managed service providers to your tenant without giving the keys of the kingdom to them. Segment them out with Dynamic groups and only provide access to the least privileged information possible.

Talk to Protecon about your B2B strategy today!

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Managed Services and Reporting

Do you currently get all of the the important data that you need or do you have the capability of managing the Consumer Life cycle?

Protecon introduces PRaaS, Protecon as a Service, a full end to end offering to manage your policies, end user life cycle management, attestation, custom reports and anything else you need.

Protecon stays on top of the newest features and develops them for an easy to integrate feature deployment when they become available and gives you the option to get these deployed in your tenant as included in the service. We can also provide code development assistance to your application developers that is even outside of B2C with this service.

Leave the management to Protecon for all of your B2C Management needs.



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