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What We Do!

We are Microsoft Endpoint Manager experts, that simple.  Protect your corporate data, users and devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager MDM.

With Enterprise Mobility + Security we simplify IT by centralizing security management across devices, users, apps and services, safeguard identities and protect corporate data and intellectual property with built in security.

From hand-held iOS and Android devices to Windows 10 workstations or any computer, anywhere in the world, our experienced staff partners with you to create a security blueprint for your organization. We design and implement the solutions, train your staff and help provide the change management services needed to ensure the most successful implementations.

Modern IT with Next Generation PC Management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager Windows AutoPilot and co-existence with Configuration Manager named Co-Management.

Next generation PC management creates a lean infrastructure and provides a path to the new Modern IT platform. Let us show you how to reduce network traffic, standardize your environment, simplify administration and reduce costs of traditional PC management. We can help with your Windows 7 End of Life PC refresh with Microsoft Endpoint Manager Windows AutoPilot.

Let us show how to modernize your Desktop deployment model to a modern, lean and more cost-efficient deployment model. We offer Managed Services for Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Quick Services Overview

Modern Device Management
Mobile Device Management
Mobile Application Management
Windows Information Protection
Mac OSX Management
SCCM and Co-management
Rapid Security POC
Modern Device Management

The world just keeps on changing!

With recent world events, companies have had to think fast on their feet with the new forced work from home strategy. Many companies have not been wholly prepared for the need to secure IP on remote corporate and personal devices.
Protecon is helping our clients to change that!

If you need to secure your environment quickly, we are the experts in quick deployments for M365. We make it easy to become secure in at least one day and provide ongoing support to help mature your security needs.

Mobile Device Management

Where do you start?

Maybe you have many policies for security implemented in your on-premises environment. Maybe you have a current solution and you have purchased M365 and want to make use of the new tool that you own In Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

You are not alone!

Navigating the the roads to mobile device management presents its own worries from "Is it secure enough or is it not. We have years and years of experience about what other companies are doing and we apply those learning's to each and every deployment.
On top of that, Windows Autopilot presents its own challenges for deployment on how to replace your current imaging process.

Let Protecon be your guide for your MDM configuration!

Mobile Application Management

To manage or not to manage BYOD...

Do your users take exception to letting your company fully manage their device? Is it a company policy to legal requirements that you are not allowed to manage a personal device?

Enter Intune App protection!

Intune App protection is a lightweight application management solution as part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. All Microsoft productivity applications have a protection SDK integrated with them to protect external cross identity sharing (personal accounts), restricting where users can store data and how they use data.

Do you have a current MDM solution and you have M365?

Take advantage of this feature from Microsoft Endpoint Manager and enhance your current solution as it can be used with any 3rd party EMM solution.

Looking for Windows MAM? Check out Windows Information Protection Below.

Windows Information Protection

Protect your windows devices just like MAM (Well Almost)

Microsoft provides another feature within Microsoft Endpoint Mangager under their Intune Applicaiton Protection feature called Windows Information Protection (WIP). These cannot be compared side by side becasue one is for Mobile Devices with different policies to be created and the other is a Windows defined set of policies.
Before you turn this on in your environment, please reach out to Protecon for assistance in dpeloying this correctly. There are many moving parts required to get this set up correctly without without causing user Impact.

Here's some free advise, don't turn on WIP withouth knowing the details, you could end up blocking users!

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Mac OSX Management

Macs are becoming more prevalent in the workspace. Do you have a management plan for them?

As more and more Macs come into the workplace, what can be done to secure them? Do you have a 3rd party solution such as JAMF to manage these? Either way, Microsoft Endpoint Manager has you covered. From integrations for compliance with current Mac management SaaS services to full on management of Macs, Protecon can get you there.
We provide a recommended best practice configuration from our many years of work. Although we are not Mac experts, we understand the need to provide certain security policies to these Macs in your environment.

Ask Protecon today how we can bring your security vision and compliance vision to your BYOD and Corp Macs!

SCCM and Co-management

Have you purchased an M365 plan from Microsoft but are still using a 3rd party Identity provider?

Why not make good use of your investment by migrating from that IDP to Azure AD. Protecon has completed hundreds of migrations from 3rd party IDPs to Azure AD. We employ automation to allow for a relatively quick and painless migration.
We make it simple to get a quote for these services. We send a form that you fill out with the applications that you are using and the requirements for those applications and we can give you a Rough Order of Magnitude within a couple of days.
Some of our automation are from Okta to AAD which allow us to peer into Okta and automatically create the applications in Azure AD and semi-configure them so 90% of the migration is complete in a matter of days.
Rapid Security POC

Get Secure today with Microsoft EM+S

As part of our Accelerated Rapid Model, one of our feature offerings is a Rapid Security Proof of Concept. This proof of concept allows you to test best parctice policies from Protecon from day one of the engagement.

The Rapid Security POC consists of a 5 day workshop to go over the solution, deploy MDM and MAM policies, deep dive into each feature and allow you to start testing the policies that are deployed and give you a much better path forward than figuring it out on your own.

Let the Experts at Protecon Show You How!

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